Cruzcampo beer against Spanish tiles

It’s about letting life come to us.

Say Hola to Cruzcampo!


Born in Sevilla under the heat of the Andalusian sun; the perfect, crisp refreshment. That was Cruzcampo back in 1904 and that is Cruzcampo now. Every beer that comes from our brewery is a joyful celebration of our city.

Sevilla is a place full of magic and light. Cobbled streets, courtyards, warmth and buzz. Where time slows down so you can savour the little things in life. That sip of cold beer, the laughs with friends, the spontaneous evenings at the local bar. Here we know how to enjoy the everyday, without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

Discover the taste of Sevilla

What makes Cruzcampo taste so good? Featuring a light, fruity aroma, Cruzcampo is an Alc 4.4% Vol Spanish lager, brewed with subtle hoppy notes and fruity characteristics.

A glass of Cruzcampo being poured