Cruzcampo beer against Spanish tiles

Discover the taste of Sevilla

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Featuring a light, fruity aroma, Cruzcampo has a supremely balanced flavour of malty sweetness and soft bitterness. Made to be shared, our light-bodied beer is perfect to pair with slightly salty food, or is just as refreshing when enjoyed on its own. Savour each sip and be transported to the cobbled streets and courtyards of Sevilla.


Light hoppy notes with a touch of fruit


Malty with a slight hint of sweetness

Food match:

Pairs perfectly with delicious Spanish Tapas

Alcohol Percentage:

4.4% Vol

A glass of Cruzcampo being poured

Introducing Gambrinus

Gambrinus, the brand's icon, is a medieval folklore legend who is seen as a guardian of beer, brewing and simply enjoying life. He's still featured on our packaging, represents a key part of our history and is a lesson on how to enjoy each day as it comes.